Attended a Hack Your Life Meetup about geting your first dev position
Submitted apps for several positions at Tyler Tech
Almost done with app for DISD Compass teaching (brief essays)
have 8:45 am appointment network of community ministries 972-234-8880, 8:45 wed 741 s sherman st, richardson tx jamey

Homework from NoD

Homework terms:
react or Angular
node.js + npm
jquery + javascript
Intellij or Webstorm
Atom or Sublime or Bracket
ES6 Classes
Version Control with Git, 2nd Edition


Nov 13 Friday - My lucky day brings me the first full-time regular employment paycheck in forever, thanks to a call center and a pharmaceutical recall. I'm a real grown-up working at a real job again, and it looks like it will even pay most of the bills.

Week 42: Success, of a sort

Oct 29 Thu - SMU also responds for a Linux admin position!
Oct 30 Fri - It turns out there is a Facebook group just for people to put out calls for workers in DFW. Not too many scams, but enough for me to almost buy into one. Two leads come up, one about job fair and one about a call center. The call center man says to be there tomorrow at one sharp.
Oct 31 Sat - I make it to the "Job Fair" which turns to be a chance to walk in and fill out an application at an assembly plant. At the second place, 1 pm becomes 1:20 pm but I score a full time position starring Monday. It's incoming customer service, and the atmosphere is pleasant and uncrowded inside.

Week 41 eh, Week 42 starting ostentatiously. I mean, auspiciously.

Oct 19 Mon - new glasses are in effect!
Oct 20 Tue - went in for brief interview with recruiter Rachel Brent @ Matrix
Oct 21 Wed - began a Mon/Wed hands-on C# wokshop
Oct 22 Thu - got an Excel assessment for Datascan, but it wouldn't go. EDIT: also had lunch with people from Raytheon, UTD, and Dallas ISD at "Advice and a Slice!"
Oct 24 Sat - commenced an AWS workshop series, possibly leading to cert. Also did a Jekyll install with UTD LUG, but technical difficulties ate up the time to actually do anything with it
Oct 26 Mon - SMU responds with essay questions for "Graduate Application Processing Coordinator"

Week 39 starts

Oct 5 Mon - had a callback on work helping to repair oxygen concentrators, but it turns out that really clear hearing is necessary to diagnose and verify proper operation in a shop with multiple units operating. Went to a presentation for that was under attended and they took my resume, but still did not hear back from recruiter about interviews tomorrow.

Week 38 retrenchment

Sept 29 Tue - discovered 2nd cohort of Convergys' IE Engineers are in March. BUT, other sorts of support engineer positions are hiring in between, so I have put in my hat there.

Sept 30 Wed - Did warm body interview with Brooksource in what is technically Uptown, I think, and am submitted to a dev position in Plano. Later that afternoon, med refills arrived days early, yay!

Oct 1 Thu - Found I had missed an announcement for a Southwest Research Institute recruitment at UTD, but was able to get in by direct e-mail since the event had not filled. We will see how this works out on October 5th. In other news, household is in order and the cupboards are not literally bare, but the coffers are rather dusty.

Week 37 has a sad

Sep 23 Wed - Verification did not go so well. I answered a couple of about 5 scenarios adequately, but the evaluators seemed to be interested in more specific methods than I could muster on the rest. I had gotten the word about that the night before, but the battling medications and infections in my leg just did not allow for much quality study time. I skimmed to start of the most recent docs before collapsing. Later I googled one of the impenetrable interview questions about memory issues and found myself on a familiar-looking site. "F12 devtools included with IE11 feature an all-new utility for troubleshooting and resolving memory leaks..."

Sep 24 Thu - Did not get an offer, at least not for the first wave. I'l have to see if I can wangle a reconsider on the second or third.

Set 25 Fri - Okay, *now* my UTD ticket is where I can pay it, and where it can prevent my transcript from going anywhere until I do. Ugh. But there are fully supported PhD gigs in Southbend and Denmark!

Weeks 35, 36, start of 37: progress and adversity:

Sept 09 Wed - in-person verification interview with Insight Global down town, Francesca from IG Orlando calls me on my way back to set up for a phone screen for a much better position, Monday
Sept 11 Fri - interviewed for a PACE position at RISD, they my call me near winterbreak; Monday phone screen moves up to Saturday!
Sept 12 Sat - I am travelling and miserable with fever from injury to my bad leg, but apparently do good on the phone regardless.

Sept 15 Tues - I return in time to make it to Convergys IE SDK basic and advanced quizzes. guards loose my phone for two hours, but I find out that I scored well. I should hear back about a verification, and be invited to an orientation Sept 25 if all is well.

Sept 21 Mon - Recovered from my cold/fever. EDIT: Just heard from Francesca that I have a verification on Wednesday, scheduled for 1000 Central!